4D – Orchestra Styria


The 4D Orchestra was founded by Gunther Rost in 2018, with musicians from several European top orchestras. The ensemble sets out for a new approach to major orchestral repertoire with the organ as solo instrument, pursuing Gunther Rost’s work at the Graz Centre for Organ Research.


Organists are able to perform orchestral scores on their instrument. Over the centuries, however, the organ has developed distinct, almost hermetic performance traditions. Sometimes, those ‚musical dialects‘ can differ strongly with other performances practices, for example with those of chamber or symphonic music of the same era. Throughout history, organ and orchestra cut their own paths, developed their own languages. Thus, both worlds have almost been considered disparate.

Musical interpretation, the perception of a composition, is not just channeled by the score: The view to the piece strongly depends on the time and place of its origin, on regional traditions and the sociological context, e. g. by differentiating between sacred music, opera, concert, dance music, etc.

organ & orchestra

The 4D Orchestra plays with these different perspectives, which have been compiled during various periods and styles of music history: conventions, knowledge and stimuli from different worlds, deriving from both the soloistic organ and orchestral traditions, merge and cross-fertilize each other, forming a modern musical language.


Making music is playing with TIME.
4D have dedicated themselves to this dimension – to provide the experience of its flexible nature by following the gravitational fields of music...